The main purpose of this site is to educate the Puerto Rican voters about what it means to be a Republican. Here we will inform about the core principles of the republican party and how and why it relates to the Puerto Rican people. We, as a territory of the United States, have been longing for the desire to become a state of the union since one of the pioneers of the republican movement in Puerto Rico, Dr. Jose Celso Barbosa, first proposed it. Now, many years after, we, as U.S. citizens, still waiting for that moment in history.

We understand that through the process of education and discussion we can inform our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico what it means, for all of us, to become part of the United States of America.

As a purpose of this site we will present facts and figures readily available to be verified and openly discussed, we will not use innuendos, gossip, non-factual data, or hearsay. Facts are facts! Arguments will be based on informed and educated opinions. We understand that leaders/leadership are/is important and necessary but, only those leaders that speak the truth or admit when they are wrong can be trusted. Half-truths or white lies are non-acceptable. Honestly and trustworthiness are nonnegotiable!

Don Luis A. Ferré once said, “The reason does not scream, the reason is convincing” (rough translation “La razón no grita, la razón convence”), so, that’s our purpose, we will not scream, yell, insult, or put down, we will present what we believe in, what we support, STATEHOOD for Puerto Rico!